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We are a specialist in modern CCTV system comprising of static cameras and pan, tilt, and zoom cameras to enable operators to monitor remotely. We install systems that are essential to adapt to social changes, in with each design we do a risk assessment.






Why choose us?

We provide the solutions you need to protect your buildings and business; from the smallest shop to the largest retail center. from workshops to car plants, from underground car parks to the tallest office blocks. We protect hotels, factories, banks and airports. The experience and specialist knowledge we have gained is now ready to work for you.

"I got the best experience with this company. Even though their are bumiputera company, the servis is super fast, response team quick and all the team have good attitude & brilliant knowledge. They know what we don't know & they know what is the best for us. Thanks you MEMIS CCTV. I wish you all success what ever your ambitions."

Mluqman Buang– customer

"Value for money, fast respond team and professional service."

Ainnur Mardiah – customer

"Giler power memis CCTV and internet booster. Confirm internet tak masuk stage 5 positive covid lah."

Nor Azam Kamisan – Customer

Our Clients

Customer satisfaction is our main priority and we will do our best to provide the security system and services in Malaysia, be it CCTV, alarm system or barrier gate.